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Captains Log

Fri, Apr 3, 2015
Ahoy me Hearties!
        We have weathered a small storm for the past month or so, and the ship is righted and ready to sail again. I'm happy to report me best mate's is starting on the mend and for once I got to be the caretaker. Thank you to our families both here and afar for the support. No, we don't share these things on Facebook or here usually - but all the prayers have helped us through this unexpected health ordeal. CC sends her gratitude and love. 
      The marketing of 100 % PAUL COTTON CD will now reboot -- and THANK YOU for your overwhelming advance purchase response. Plans are underway for some touring so hopefully I will be seeing you all within the next 6 months!
      I think we all (the band Poco) thank you for traveling to Colorado and supporting our Induction to The Colorado Music Hall of Fame in January. It was so much fun to play with my brothers, and so exceptional that Timothy B. could join in too. Rusty was absolutely on fire, and singing with Richie and him and TBS was just a blast! Thank you again - that was one for the history books.
      I continue to be very busy with my band here in Key West - and of course all of the "uber" talented musical artists that visit our incredible island during the winter and spring months...well, actually all year round. In addition to the fantastic Carter Brothers ( I sat in with Freebo (Bonnie Riatt), John McEuen (Nitty Gritty) David Bromberg, RST, That Hipppie Band and probably some I am forgetting right now .... And - we have had the Original Wailers with Johnny Dread, Jimmy Buffet, and now Grand Funk Railroad all visiting in three weeks time...and just a bicycle ride down the beach for us -- wow!
     My gifted, talented partner/producer/engineer Russ Scavelli and I have started back in the studio on Volume II, and then we will move on to the batch of basic tracks I have of new songs I have written in the past couple years-- I had never had the experience of looking out at the water while experimenting and creating music from start to finish, and it suits me very well - I remain a very lucky man.
     We have one more tour to CUBA -- MAY 14-18,2015  4 nights Havana only including a show at the Tropicana, where when I looked around I felt like I would see Frank Sinatra sitting there! Cuba is not open to the public. We travel on a Legal License and Visa , visiting cultural sites as well as musical venues that are out of this world! I urge anyone interested to go now, before the jackhammers and cranes arrive in an attempt to restore 50+ years of no infrastructure. contact CC @ for details - payment is due next week, so ......hurry!
     I am so pleased to read the on the National news front that it looks like everyone in the US is finally thawing out and Spring has begun -- before you forget the misery of this past February -- I suggest you sing up NOW for our 5th PAUL COTTON BAND CRUISE-  sailing on my birthday February 26 - 29, 2016. Any refundable deposit received before July 01 will receive a $ 50.00 credit per cabin.  Payments may be sent in increments for those of you wanting to plan ahead. ---YES --- there will be a very special Guest Artist appearing with us. Just a long weekend to get away from the cold, turn off your cell phone, and relax in the sun and enjoy some Rockin' music - all inclusive and including a private concert plus meet-n-greet reception with the band members!
    Thank you all again for the great reviews of the CD, a work of love which I plan to continue for a very long time.
    Hoping to see you all down the road... Happy Passover and blessed Easter to all !
Back at the helm,  Cappy
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