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The Richie Furay Band / Paul Cotton
Sun, June 9, 2013
The Richie Furay Band / Paul Cotton

* The Richie Furay Band/Paul Cotton
Sunday, June 16 7:00PM
Nancy and David Fine Jewels Presents
A Special Tribute to Pete Fornatale
Featuring The Richie Furay Band & An Exclusive Appearance By Paul Cotton ***

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Richie Furay has been a pioneering force in rock and country music. A founding member of Buffalo Springfield, Poco and SHF, he was an innovator of new musical forms, a great songwriter and, last and definitely not least, some of Rock and Roll's best vocals.

Richie Furay formed Buffalo Springfield in 1967 with best friends Stephen Stills and Neil Young. Buffalo Springfield’s debut album included the hit single “For What It’s Worth” including Furay’s unmistakable voice for most of the record. About their reunion tour in 2011, USA Today wrote, “(Stephen) Stills’ high lonesome voice anchored "Rock & Roll Woman", while (Neil) Young’s distinctive cry lit up "Burned". But Richie Furay, who stood center stage, reminded everyone he was the linchpin, his plaintive tone painting songs such as "Kind Woman", "Do I Have to Come Right Out and Say It" and "Sad Memory" with a soulful brush that had women in the largely Baby Boomer crowd doe-eyed.”

After Buffalo Springfield disbanded, Furay formed Poco, one of the first “country-rock” bands with Jim Messina. Poco’s unique sound set the stages for bands like The Eagles as well as the “rock” music that now dominates the modern country music market of the 21st Century.

Rock historian and New York FM radio legend Pete Fornatale suddenly passed away last year. Fornatale was one of Furay’s biggest supporters playing his music frequently on the radio for more than 4 decades and writing the liner notes in several albums. Fornatale said in a prior statement in 2012, "There are only a handful of performers that started out in the 60's who are still at the top of their game. Richie Furay heads the list."

Paul Cotton

Paul is a prolific songwriter, singer, lead guitarist and, as a member of Poco for 40 years, is known for his famous hits "Heart of the Night", "Bad Weather", "Indian Summer" and many more. Paul and Richie first performed together in 1970 at the Fillmore West .

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